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I first knew anything about Autistic Spectrum Disorder when my younger brother was diagnosed. I remember he liked to play with electrics and plugs and my dad told me to watch Rain Man. Later my oldest son was also diagnosed as having Asperger’s Syndrome before The Sensory Seeker had his assessment. Then there’s the suspicion that our teen is on the spectrum and finally of course is the realisation that I may be on the Spectrum myself. On this page I have added links to the posts that are about myself and my children so that you can share our journeys – and either identify with them, or use them to give you hope. This are less information pages and more just personal.

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Posts about Our Youngest -The Sensory Seeker

Posts about our Teen

Posts about our Oldest with Asperger’s Syndrome

My own Journey

Living in Limbo - Life with No Diagnosis