Christmas Cards and The Sensory Seeker

Christmas Cards and The Sensory Seeker

How we are going to cope with Christmas this year is to be organised. I have cut right back on any blogging opportunities because I know that what is important is my Sensory Seeker (and the rest of my family). So far we have some Christmas lights up – helping to break him in slowly whilst providing a bit of Sensory input. The major difference this year is that our Sensory Seeker has already written all of his Christmas Cards.

Christmas Cards and The Sensory Seeker

Christmas Cards and The Sensory SeekerMy reasoning for our Sensory Seeker writing his Christmas cards now are for several reasons. The first is that the Christmas tree is already up at school, he has seen Father Christmas and is starting to rehearse for the Christmas production. This means it is the beginning of him requiring a bit of extra special care and attention to the spiralling confusion that is Christmas. Our Sensory Seeker is doing well so far – with just the one question on his lips, “Is it Christmas tomorrow?” I shall be glad when advent comes so he can visually see how many days there are left. I know as Christmas gets closer he will just get more disorientated with it all and tired. As I have already mentioned he is struggling with his writing and the school are considering him using an iPad – so writing cards is no easy task for him. I wanted him to have the best opportunity to write them and too close to Christmas I felt was fighting a losing battle. Plus after he has managed to write all of his Christmas cards I would just hate for a child to be off sick and not receive it!

Quality Time with Sensory Seeker writing Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards and The Sensory SeekerWriting Christmas cards has given us a bit of quality time together, as I help sound out the words, plus guide his spacing and positioning of the words. I love to see how our Sensory Seeker has developed so much since last Christmas, his writing and his attention span. He is trying his best to do joined up writing too. He actually finished off writing his cards whilst he waited for his brother in his swimming lesson. I am so so proud that he started to remember how to write from and his name. How I tackled it was for him to write “To” and “From …..” in all of his Christmas cards, and then in another setting he added in all the names and wrote on the envelopes.

How do you tackle Christmas Cards? Do you avoid them? Start early? Leave it to the last minute?

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Cards and The Sensory Seeker

  1. Hello there, you have inspired me to start doing ours-I usually try and do them early as inevitably end up doing some I’ve forgotten at the last minute-despite making a list! I am very impressed you have already done yours, hats off to both of you. #ssamazingachievements

  2. Well done to your Sensory Seeker! I try and get the kids cards started early enough that they only need to to do a few at a time so that it doesn’t get too stressful for any of us 🙂

  3. You have reminded me about the class Christmas cards. Ethan can’t write yet and I always find this a sad reminder when we get cards from the nursery friends. I’m so glad your sensory seeker has improved so much since last year. I love the idea of introducing Christmas slowly, we are having quite a few meltdowns!

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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