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Neurodivergent and in Perimenopause

When it comes to being Neurodivergent and in Perimenopause there isn’t really a lot written about it. Perimenopause and the Menopause can be enough in themselves.

Neurodivergent and in Perimenopause Challenges

The Neurodivergent individual may face a number of challenges with the perimenopause for a number of reasons. These are on top of the current neurodivergent difficulties, which can also last longer than before, and affect others more.

These will vary from person to person. This is due to differences in both the impact their neurodivergence has on them and how their perimenopause presents.

struggles with sleep with neurodivergent and in perimenopause

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Individuals who may not cope with change
  • Have more sensory sensitivities
  • Already struggles with sleep
  • Difficulty communicating their needs
  • Struggle with their feelings/cope with their emotions
  • Self-esteem/RSD
  • Increased burnouts/meltdowns
  • Higher risk of suicide
  • Lack of insight/understanding
  • Compounding on existing conditions/no longer able to utilise coping strategies/unable to mask
  • Inconsistency from doctors
  • Hygiene difficulties
  • Unable to meet basic needs
  • Memory difficulties – exacerbated with brain fog
  • Restricted diets.
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Things to Know About Perimenopause Symptoms

Perimenopause symptoms come in a variety of forms. Things I think are important to know is that they can start well before you are fifty (and can actually last up to ten years!!), before you have ever missed a period and you will not necessarily get night sweats!

If you think you may be in perimenopause there are loads of websites where you can get a list of perimenopause symptoms so that you can cross reference/make a list of ones you think that you may have. Here is an article I previously wrote on menopause.

Coping Strategies for Individuals Who Are Neurodivergent and In Perimenopause

Here are a few coping strategies for individuals who are neurodivergent and in perimenopause. If you know of any others please do add them to the comments. Also share with others and let’s support one another.

  • Listen to other neurodivergent lived experiences. What has or hasn’t worked for others is useful – but so is a feeling of belonging/having a connection.
  • Get armed with information – getting the correct diagnosis and/or help that works best for that individual.
  • Change routine – allow more recovery/relaxation to help avoid burnout/shutdowns.
  • Know when to give up things to make life easier.
  • Practice saying no, or have an advocate.
  • Find things to help with emotional regulation.
  • Watch your social battery. Knowing that sometimes things will be harder than at others. Just be productive when you can and allow yourself down time when it’s not so easy.
  • Try to get enough sleep to function.
  • Try to improve diet and possibly cut out alcohol.
  • More reminders.
  • Surround with positive things.
  • HRT and/or natural remedies.

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