kryptonite sensory play

Kryptonite Sensory Play with Superman and Doctor Octopus

Kryptonite Sensory Play

I do find that if my son has plenty of opportunities to fulfil his sensory needs throughout the day, it places him in a better mood and helps him sleep at night. The best way to get and keep his attention is to utilise his interests. Currently he is loving Superheroes and Villains, and we recently made a Batcave and dressed up.

kryptonite sensory play

Inspiration for Kryptonite Play

I got the idea for Kryptonite Sensory Play from an idea we used at Halloween with frozen spiders. Knowing that my son would love just a frozen lump of green coloured water labelled as Kryptonite. Plus I like how quickly water freezes too, if he mentions that he’d like to do Kryptonite Sensory play in the morning I can have a block made up for when he gets home from school.

The sun has begun to shine more lately,  and I knew that the Kryptonite Sensory Play would be ideal outside (if not I would have done it in a nice warm bath). Coupled with one of his favourite superheroes (Superman) and villain (Doctor Octopus) he set to work on destroying the Kryptonite.

kryptonite sensory play

How he liked to Explore it

First he bashed it with his characters and noticed that it went all slushy. He loved the Sensory feel when touching it on the bottom of Doctor Octopus’ feet. I liked how not only did he get his sensory needs met, but it really helped his speech and language, as he tried to explain to me what was happening to the Kryptonite.

kryptonite sensory play

After he bashed it with his characters, and had a feel of the coldness (he loves cold), he then decided to use his feet.

kryptonite sensory play

Then he stamped and he stamped and he stamped. Until the Kryptonite was no more. This was great for his proprioception, as well as learning a bit about the science behind the ice breaking up. I am hoping that as we play this game more and more it will develop. Maybe using the characters more to tell a story.

kryptonite sensory play

11 thoughts on “Kryptonite Sensory Play with Superman and Doctor Octopus

  1. Fantastic idea! It’s amazing how something so simple can provide children with so much fun and learning.
    Thank you for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

  2. This is learning at its best, I love the way he makes his own way to his favourite superheroes enjoying the challenging and unaware of the learning along the way. A great outdoor activity. Thank you for joining me on Country Kids.

  3. Lucas says – I am loving this soooooo much. Excellent job little dude – good to have you as a member of the GL Gang *high5* I LOVE Superheroes. My favourite at the moment is Hulk!
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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