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Making days out more Financially Accessible for Families with Children who have Additional Needs

Max Card: Making days out more Financially Accessible

Life with a child with additional needs can be more difficulty financially and access wise. It is why I feel that parents should not be ashamed to claim any benefits they can to help enable their child a normal life as possible. Days out can be more difficult – financially, physically and emotionally: From trying to set off until the time you get home.Disneyland with Sensory Processing Disorder

Sometimes the day can be spent so much dealing with the additional needs that it feels unjustifiable for such a financial expense. For us that usually means we do not arrive on a day out until lunch time, which then means we have to eat and have missed half a day. Or the sensory input becomes too overwhelming (especially if he gets wet at all) – and then we have to leave early.

The Max Card

The Max Card aims to create memories and bring families closer together through fun and enjoyable days out. This is achieve with the help of supporting local authorities, selected charities and venues which then gives access to free or discounted entry to over 1,100 attractions across the UK to eligible children and their families.’Max Card Making days out more Financially Accessible for Families with Children who have Additional Needs

Max Card Attractions

The discounted and free attractions available with the Max Card are available throughout the UK – which can be browsed on the Max Card Website (by Region and then by County) – as well as having some online only offers. Some you can just turn up and show your card and others need to be booked in advanced. The Max Card states that the card is for two adults and two children – but this is dependent on the venue. Discounts include things like Merlin Attractions and Annual Passes, Sensory Oojamabobs, Chewigem, Leisure Centres, Tenpin Bowling, Lasertag, Paintballing, Virgin Experience days, Libraries, Museums, Fun Fairs, Safari Parks, Farm & Fun Parks, Go Apes – and much much more.

LEGOLAND Windsor, Brick or Treat, Halloween, Fireworks and the Hotel

Ordering a Max Card

To order a Max Card contact the local City Council who will be able to let you know if you qualify (it is also for Foster Families) or email hello@mymaxcard.co.uk if you’re not sure who to contact. If you do not have a local authority or charity who issue the cards and you know of one that would be happy to help then please contact Max Card who are always on the look-out for new ones to join in so that more families can benefit from their worthwhile scheme. The Max Card is valid for two years from the month that the local authority receives the card: The expiry date is on the reverse of the card.

Find Max Card on Facebook and Twitter

Gloucestershire currently do not offer The Max Card so I was sent one in return for promotion. All words and opinions are honest and my own.

Tesco toy testing in London

Tesco Toy Testing & A Trip to London for Our Sensory Seeker

We were delighted to be invited to London for their Tesco Toy Team Casting day in Central London. They wanted a mix of children aged between 3 to 12 years old; well I have a 4, 6 and 10 year old boy who fitted the bill. Tesco Toys include good quality games, dress-up costumes as well as traditional toys. Tesco Toy testers are required to share with the nation what  Tesco have on offer. It is felt that children can be the toughest critics so Tesco Toy testers needed to be super-enthusiastic little boys and girls to be the ones responsible for putting them through their paces and being directly asked what they thought.

Tesco Toy Testing Trip to London

So off the five of us went for a long journey to London. We caught a train at just after 8am, armed with two 3Ds and a tablet, some spare clothes (in case the youngest had an accident) and some snacks.

4 males waiting for a train

We were a bit worried because last time we had taken the boys to London it had all been a bit much of a sensory overload for the youngest and he did not cope well. I’m not sure if he was more able to cope, as he’d been before, or if we were better prepared but I could not be more proud of him. We didn’t even need his spare clothes.

Tesco Toy Tester with Disability

In fact he was the star of our family as he got right in there with the toys – immediately spotting his favourite cowboy Woody’s hat and claiming it! He took it well when the Octonauts Octopod Playset (£31.99 from Tescos) was taken upstairs so another child could be filmed saying why they liked it, and just got on and played with something else. Note I have included a link here because I believe you need to check it out – this is going to be a firm favourite this Christmas.

Tesco toy testing in London

He listened well to the instructions of what he was meant to do and co-operated when they took his photo. When the boys did go upstairs (I thought it best to send them up all together) we all thought he wouldn’t say anything. But then right on film my 6 year old said, “my brother can’t talk very much” and my little man piped up, “Yes, I can!” It was so funny. He didn’t say much and the guy did not really get him talking about the Octonauts Octopod Playset but he looked cute.

Tesco toy testing in London

He really enjoyed the day and was asking over and over to go back again the very next day. Now we are waiting to see if the boys are called back to become an official Toy Tester. If nothing else he is really big on Batman lately and we discovered the Batman Imaginext Batcave.

Dinosaur natural history museum

Tesco Toy Testing over – Things to do in London

Whilst we were in London we also popped back over to the National History Museum, where little man had remembered that there were dinosaurs. He did not cope well with the crowded bridge over the dinosaurs again. We also got to go into the Princess Diana Memorial Park. This is a fantastic place and I recommend it to anyone. Not only is it a fab park but it gave us the opportunity to go to the toilet for free!!

  Princess Diana Memorial Park Music

This is not a sponsored post. My family’s transport to attend the event was covered, and the boys did receive a goody bag but writing a post was not a requirement.