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Disability Living Allowance Answers

Answers to some questions you may have about Disability Living Allowance for children

You may be familiar with my post on Pinkoddy about my thoughts on “Why you Should Claim Disability Living Allowance for your Children.” It seems to have uncovered a few questions that people are searching the answers for.

New claims for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) are only for children under the age of 16; over 16 they are classed as adults and, from the 10th June 2013, must now apply for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) instead.

It is split into two components: Care and Mobility. Children under the age of 5 cannot receive mobility unless they are physically disabled, or the condition is very severe – the reason given is that most children under the age of 5 would need extra help to ensure they were safe (for example when crossing roads).

How much help with Mobility you need will depend on the rate that you are paid.

Disability Living Allowance Rates

Disability Living Allowance Rates for a Child 2022/2023 UK

  • Lower – £24.45 a week – Guidance or supervision outdoors.
  • Higher – £64.50 a week – Severe walking difficulty.

How much help with Care you need will depend on the rate that you are paid.

  • Low – £24.45 a week – you need help for some of the day or preparing meals.
  • Middle – £61.85 a week – frequent help or constant supervision in the day, or at night.
  • High – £92.40 a week – help or supervision through the day or night, or you are terminally ill.

Answers to some questions you may have about Disability Living Allowance for children

  • You do not need to be eligible for other benefits, it is not means tested.
  • You do not need to live in a Council house, or assisted accommodation – it does not matter where you live.
  • You do not need a diagnosis .
  • A diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder, Autsim, Aspergers, Anxiety, may mean that your condition effects you in a way that you are entitled to Disability Living Allowance, but it does not mean that you will automatically qualify.
  • There is not a limit on how many people in a household can claim – so if you have 3 disabled children then you can claim Disability Living Allowance for each child – you can only claim Carers Allowance once though – each child would need a different adult as their carer.
  • Carers Allowance is payable to anyone who looks after a child who receives the middle or high rate of the Care component for at least 35 hours a week.
  • Disability Living Allowance is a tax free benefit; Carer’s Allowance is however not; it is taxable and you must declare it as taxable benefit to the Inland Revenue on your Tax Credits renewals.
  • It is paid every 4 weeks into a Bank Account.
  • The money is for and belongs to the child.
  • Changes must be reported.

The most important thing to remember is that you have to demonstrate why the child fits the criteria and how they differ from their peers.  Always write from the perspective of them having a bad day. This can be an incredibly emotional thing to do so I always recommend doing it on the computer, then,  at renewal time you can just update the information. This does however mean that the claim cannot be back dated.

You can receive help at the job centre in filling the form out.  If you can get help from a disability advice specialist.

If you disagree with the outcome you can always ask for a reconsideration.

If you have anything you wanted answered, or want to offer any help with things you feel may be of use then please do add them in the comments.

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