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Disability Difference of Opinion

Different Disability Opinions – Some you never Expect

I think the one thing as a parent of a disabled child that makes it easier is knowing that you are not alone. Sometimes you may do that awful thing and realise that things could be worse and grateful that they are not – or maybe that’s just me. See until recently, I thought that there were very little different disability opinions on certain topics.

Different Disability Opinions

    • I would fight tooth and nail to get my children every bit of help that they need. This is where there are  different disability opinions as I know that other people feel that their children should be just accepted and that starts with them.
    • I believe that if you can access financial help to better a disabled child’s life then why not do everything to help improve their lives.Again there are  different disability opinions in this matter as other people believe that it is their child and they want to pay for them.
    • Some people could never leave their children, either due to needs or not feeling it is right that they are their responsibility.I guess that the different disability opinions may be to do with the nature of the disability too, as there are others desperate to get some respite but funding does not allow, and others who are able just to leave their disabled child/ren to go off on holiday, leaving them with friends or relatives.
    • There are different disability opinions as to whether we would, if we could,  take away the child’s condition if we could or not – would or whether this would  take from the disabled child/ren  who they are as a person?

 different disability opinions

 Different Disability Opinions I didn’t think I’d hear

  • It’s no-one’s fault, certainly not the parents that a child has a disability. Certainly not bad-parenting, or a way we have behaved with them. I hope this is a  different disability opinions that if someone actually thinks it keeps it to themselves please.
  • That there is no hope for the disabled child’s future. I am very pleased to say that my 16 year old son has got his first job – something we never thought we would see, especially after the way they talked about him in his Reception year at school. I believe there is hope for all children and each one has an important future.
  • That parents are NOT “lazy” and “ignorant” to access the help and support they need – However Katie Price said that they were in an interview with Radio 5, described here by BBC Ouch Disability. I tell you what Katie as you are so the opposite of lazy and ignorant, why not pop round to some of these homes and help them out, instead of knocking them even further. This really is one of the different disability opinions me and Katie Price are going to have to have – as I know that having a disabled child/ren means it is impossible to even contemplate being lazy! And usually quite the opposite of ignorant but having to research and learn everything you possibly can about your child/ren’s disability and how you can help them.

This information was brought to my attention by DownSideUp – see what Hayley and others have to said on the matter here