Sensory Processing Disorder Bathtime Problems

Diet, Health and Hygiene

Diet, Health and Hygiene are possibly the areas that give me the greatest concern when it comes to Sensory Processing Disorder. Not getting your child to eat, sleep, and keep clean (encompassing brushing their teeth, washing their hair, getting their hair and nails cut) is quite a worry.

I do not have the answers but have started to compiled posts on what helps us help The Sensory Seeker in these areas. Listed below are some of the key topics, plus there’s a link to the posts in this category below the title.


Encouraging Eating

Encouraging new taste sensations


Identifying Problems and Finding Solutions wit

Sleep Tips – A guest post


Unacceptable touching


Bathtime – identifying problems and trying to find solutions to helping those with Sensory Processing Disorder at bathtime.

Dental Hygiene – Identifying problems as to why the individual with Sensory Processing Disorder may not like brushing their teeth, and trying to find solutions to help over come them.

Hair washing (and product review)

Crazy Soap Range (product promo)

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