kids dressing up ideas for imaginative play kids coop

Dressing Up Ideas for Imaginative Play #KidsCo-op

I am sure we all know that imaginative play can be beneficial for children. For my Sensory Seeker he just loves dressing up. I think it was all those sensations of touch – which he is a major seeker in. This role play made it easier for me to engage in with him too. I think it is from this basis that we have been able to go on and develop his imaginative play in other areas. It is in fact the reason that Autistic Spectrum Disorder has been ruled out and he now has it in writing that he does have Sensory Processing Disorder.

So I thought that I would share some of the Dressing Up Ideas for Imaginative Play from The Kids Co-op.

 Peter Pan in Neverland - Joys of the Journey

Dress up Corner - The Keeper of Cheerios

DIY Dinosaur Hats and DIY DInosaur Feet Stilts – Laly Mom

Fly Masks - Teaching Mama

DIY Minion Costume - Hodge Podge Craft

Two George Washington Cotton Ball Wig Crafts - Pink Stripey Socks

Rainbow Shamrock Crown and Wand – The Craft Train

kids dressing up ideas for imaginative play kids coop

Robot Costume - Danya Banya

Cereal Box Fireman’s Hat – Pink Stripey Socks

Spies and Russian Salt Dough Map – Solagratiamom

Paper Plate Masks - Kids Activities Blog

Easy Crown Crafts - Where Imagination Grows

Silly Monster Faces - Look What Mom Found

In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb Mask Crafts - Stir the Wonder

Batman Onesie Tutorial - Lou Lou Girls

The Weekly Kids Co-Op

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